The Dream

Photograph by Hugo Baptista

If you’ve read our Backstory then you’ll know that we dream of a world where:

  • the artistic and non-artistic spaces merge for mutual benefit;
  • workplaces have nurtured creativity mindsets leading to more innovative solutions for the individual, the organisation, and the world’s problems;
  • artists find an abundance of exhibition spaces, profitable ways to sell their art and share their skills, so they can afford to create more and struggle less;

According to research there are tangible benefits to bringing creativity into our working lives especially if organisations can be leveraged to benefit worthy causes i.e. charities which resonate with the organisation in question.

Since workplaces were forever changed with the pandemic, our original method of combining art, working life, and noble causes has also changed (see The Backstory). Hence…

The Corporate Postcard!!!

The Corporate Postcard is much like the postcards for sale at the Gallery Shop, except it’s custom designed for the sponsoring organisation – the “Art Angel” – who purchases cards in multiples of 500 for their customers and/or staff, and possibly for resale.

Below is a customisable template for the back of a corporate postcard (the front would be the artwork print):

Katia Art of Living facilitates the entire process, including presenting a list artists to chose from, coordinating the back-of-postcard information, printing and delivering the finished postcards to the Art Angel for distribution or resale.

“But postcards are a thing of the past!” some will say. So are cars with 3-speed column shift gears, yet some will pay hundreds of thousands to own one.

“Hand-writing in the workplace is old-hat and inefficient”. Tell that to the employee who finds a hand-written note on their desk from their boss with the words: “Well Done!”

For now, our Gallery Shop promotes the work of a handful of artists, including their art prints (postcards), with more merchandise to come. In the future we hope to facilitate the printing of artworks onto postcards as sponsored by an organisation with multiple cross-promotion opportunities.

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