The Backstory

If art exposure and creativity are known to foster innovation, and improve productivity and organisational culture, why are so many workplaces so devoid of any artworks or creative events?

Our mission had been to ask corporate organisations to become ‘Art Angels’ i.e. to sponsor individual artists by hosting monthly art exhibitions and/or creative events at their premises. Each month would promote a different artist and nominated charity. Through these events, the Art Angel would collaborate with Katia Art of Living to foster staff and/or client engagement (depending on the target audience), with potential flow-on effects on social capital, public relations, marketing, and the bottom line. The events and exhibitions would be facilitated and organised by Katia Art of Living, thus require less resources from the hosting organisation.

Just as one “team-bonding day” at your workplace won’t improve the culture overnight, hosting an art exhibition for a month won’t either, but it can start and prolong conversations and improve collaboration. And, if a suitable charity is involved, it can bring awareness and funds to causes that inspire staff as humans, not just as corporate citizens.

However, work-life as we knew it changed dramatically with the pandemic, and we decided to postpone this initiative. Please reach out if you would like to be a pioneer hosting organisation or have other ideas to contribute.

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