Roger Hose

Expressionistic abstraction

“Art is a form of meditation for me. Living and travelling throughout Australia and Europe has been enormously influential in the development of that practice and art theory.”

Roger at the Gallery Shop

As an artist, Roger treads the overridden path between expressionism and abstraction in a way unlike his contemporaries. He’s had a long-held passion for painting and sculpture and his work has been shown in Australia and internationally.

He has also been dealing, collecting and restoring antiques and art for more than three decades. He is widely known for his passion, dedication and intimate knowledge of artisanal traditions, antiques, art, and history.

He claims underlying influences from other artists who have approached the painting / sculptural process in a similar way, namely, Jean Dubuffet, Franz West, Alberto Giacometti and Pablo Picasso.

The emotions and moods of his works are conjured directly out of the processes of sculpturing, unmediated by theory or jargon. And yet these are intelligent sculptures- intelligent in their understanding of ambiguities, of space, and of colour. But Hose updates the idiom with his bold and naive way with paint and his tremendous array of textural effects.

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