Hugo Baptista

International Light Painter

“Light painting for me is a way to create an alternate reality… a hyperreality, if you will. It’s a way to transform reality with light and motion in a way that allows me to create, from scratch, what I want to see in a photo. The brain of an artist is like a selective sponge, constantly creating something new based on what we absorb selectively throughout our daily lives.”

Hugo at the Gallery Shop

Hugo works as a 3D animator and video editor, but his passion is light paining as he is hooked by the magic of long exposure. Light painting, painting with light, light drawing, or light art are terms that describe photographic techniques of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph.

South African born Portuguese citizen living in Holland, Hugo is a truly international artist, fluent in three languages and knowledgeable in two others and he has generously shared his techniques and collaborated with artists internationally.

Like many artists, Hugo has not widely monetised his craft, until now. His works are now available as prints on mediums to be determined.

His works are often abstract and almost always symbolic. There is life and meaning in each photograph. However Hugo prefers to leave the story behind each piece up to the viewer to create, making it a co-creation between viewer and photographer.

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