Bianca Baptista

Whimsical creations

“I don’t think I would have survived an art class with my enthusiasm intact, so I instinctively avoided art throughout my education and shut off any interest I might have had. Now I wish I had found the right teacher sooner.”

Bianca at the Gallery Shop

Bianca is a self-taught artist who took to painting suddenly after a particularly stressful day. Unlike her corporate IT work, art felt liberating. With no expertise comes a freedom from expectations, a freedom from right-and-wrong thinking… a freedom from perfectionism. Just the willingness to express an emotion to the best of her current painting ability, whatever that may be today.

Bianca has a particular style with the often-present Katia coming through in most of her paintings. She tends to paint places to escape into, and idealized versions of Katia, rather than the darker recesses of the mind… or of reality. Bianca is also passionate about the value that art brings to health and wellbeing, and its benefits to society at large.

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