Image by Hugo Baptista

You don’t need to live in the
enchanted forest to be an
Art Sprite with us.

An Art Sprite at Katia Art of Living is small to medium sized business that subscribes to hosting regular art exhibitions and/or creative events with Katia Art of Living to promote their business and for the benefit of artists, charities, and their public.

Research shows that exposure to art and involvement in art creation activities improve mental and physical wellbeing

If you’re a business owner or manager and want to help your public achieve these benefits while engaging and attracting new customers, clients, or patrons, we can help. Whether your premises are a professional office suite, a beauty salon, an allied health clinic, something else – we can help you promote your business with art. With each event, you would be helping an artist and a charity, who in turn would help promote your business.

How does it work?

You arrange an obligation-free confidential discussion with us to determine your business promotion goals and whether our services can assist.

We collaborate with you to:

  • define an art-related event that you could host to suit your business aims and interests, and those of your public. This could be an art exhibition, or a painting workshop, or a talk on creativity and mental health (these are just examples).
  • select an appropriate space on your premises (or elsewhere).

Katia Art of Living would help manage bookings and if needed, refer you to other businesses we partner with for related services e.g. catering, live entertainment, furniture rentals, etc..

We provide artists and art facilitators for the types of events outlined below, but we are open to alternatives if they align with the Katia Art of Living mission.

Art exhibitions

For an art exhibition you would dedicate one section of your space to the artworks of one artist for an agreed period (1 to 4 weeks) and you would make them available for sale to your public.

We provide signage about the artist, the nominated charity, curate the exhibition, organize its set up, and remove any unsold artworks at the end.

Each exhibition is marked by an opening event, to which your public, the selected artist, a charity, and a Katia Art of Living representative are invited. Your public have an opportunity to engage with you socially and are encouraged to bring their friends and family.

Attendees get to meet the artist on the opening event and the selected charity would be included in the event’s promotion. Attendees are encouraged to buy the artworks not only on the opening event, but for the duration of the agreed period

Creative events

These events may include talks on art-related topics, or art creation such as painting workshops, or art therapy sessions.

Creative events are delivered by our artists or facilitators to your public and may be delivered to groups or individuals.

In the future we hope to expand the types of events we bring you to include specialized cooking demonstrations, musical workshops, and more. Stay tuned!

Charities and noble causes

A percentage of artworks sales from exhibitions and booking fees from creative events go to the charity of your choice (as vetoed by us and the artist /facilitator). This is good ethics, but also good business. Your event will not only be publicized by you and by Katia Art of Living and the artist /facilitator, but also likely by to be promoted by the charity as well.

Before the exhibition or creative event, the charity is notified that they will receive an agreed percentage of artworks sold in the case of exhibitions and event bookings in the case of paid creative events.

Katia Art of Living manages and provides evidence of donations made.

“There is no better feeling than doing well while you are doing good.”

Jay Samit – Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte and digital media innovator

Your public will have the satisfaction of knowing that some of their spending is going to a good cause.