Passionate self-taught beginner

“I don’t think I would have survived an art class with my enthusiasm intact, so I instinctively avoided such a situation all my life.”

Bianca grew up in Africa and came to Australia in her early twenties. She is self-taught and took to painting suddenly and relatively late in life after a particularly stressful day in corporate IT. She hasn’t stopped since.

She started with acrylics, initially on any surface she could find (glass, wood, tile, furniture, canvas) and eventually settled on canvas. She is passionate about recycling and is known to paint over old canvases despite advice to the contrary, admitting it is more time-consuming to prep a used canvas, but somehow more satisfying.

Bianca has a particular style, with the often-present Katia – an invented and somewhat aspirational character. She prefers to paint places to escape into, rather than the darker recesses of the mind. She aims to continue learning and growing as an artist.