Article: Art in the workplace

Not only does artwork impress your clients, it also increases employee morale by creating a positive and efficient atmosphere. According to a survey of 800 employees from 32 organizations, art has a positive influence on many of the challenges faced by organizations.

Article: Being creative health benefits

Is art really quite useless as stated by Oscar Wilde in “The picture of Dorian Gray”? Studies have shown that being creative (e.g. in music, writing, painting, dancing) is linked to improvements in mental health as art helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words. Exposure to art and art-making also boost brain power and physical health (including imune system functioning, and hormonal and inflammation responses).

TED Talk: on “aha” moments

Matt Goldman is co-founder of Blue Man Group, an off-Broadway production that became a sensation known for its humor, blue body paint and wild stunts, and founder of Blue School, a school that balances academic mastery, creative thinking, and self and social intelligence. In this talk he argues that certain conditions can create "aha moments" -- moments of surprise, learning and exuberance -- frequent and intentional rather than random and occasional.

Book: Creating with others

(Shaun McNiff 2003). Creativity is not the exclusive province of "artistic types. As stated by the author himself: "the arts help us improve the way we interact with others (...), foster more open and original ways of perceiving situations and problems, gaining new insights and sensitivities toward others, and learning how the slipstream of group expression can carry us to places where we cannot go alone (...)".

TED Talk: on motivation

Dan Pink exposes the misalignment between what science states motivates workers and what business generally does. He focuses on the outdated modes of motivating staff and how creativity and innovation are hindered in many workplaces.